The Best Places for Brunch in Vienna

During my master’s degree, I was fortunate enough to go on exchange to Vienna and spend four months in this beautiful city. I had been wanting to go for ages and it surely did not disappoint. In fact, it has become one of my favourite cities in Europe because it has a bit of everything, ranging from arts and entertainment to great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

As you may know, brunch is my favourite type of meal, especially on a lazy Sunday. And, Vienna has lots of nice places to have brunch at, so here is a list of my favourite places to go for brunch in this amazing city.


This is for sure my favourite place in Vienna to have brunch at.

Erich has an amazing brunch menu Rise and Shine where you can select either a vegan (avocado toast) or egg base (eggs on toast) and add any toppings you like. Two toppings are included in the super cheap €5 price, but there are also others such as hummus, mushrooms, smoked salmon or feta that you can add by paying extra. The coffee here is also amazing! Service was great and they have great vegetarian options and definitely something that will work for everyone. The terrace outside is super cute and you can even sit here in winter as they have blankets and heaters for their guests to use. The best thing is that you can also go here for dinner or for drinks at night as they also have a great bar. You can’t make a reservation here, but usually, you can get a table quite quickly, especially if you go here during the week.


Ulrich, from the same owners, is my second favourite place for brunch. They also have a wide variety of dishes and even a vegan option on their brunch menu. I would recommend getting one of their full breakfast platters, which all come with a range of items, other options include avocado toast or eggs on toast. Drinks-wise you can, of course, go for a boozy breakfast, or if you want to keep the tone down a notch you should try their typical Viennese coffee a Melange (similar to a cappuccino) or their chai latte. If you don’t want to wait for a table or make sure that you get one at the time you like, the benefit Ulrich has is that you can make reservations here.


What makes Vollpension unique is that the staff are all grannies and grandpa’s who make the food. It runs like a social enterprise, also caring about the greater good in society. Its aim is to have an all-inclusive diverse workforce and to offer a place for people to enjoy each other’s company over breakfast, a coffee, or a piece of cake. The interior is decorated as if it were your grandma’s living room your visiting. It’s really unique and has a great vibrant atmosphere. What makes this one of my go-to places for brunch; however, is the food. They have a wide selection of dishes and also offer some of the best home-made cakes in town. So don’t miss out on this one if you are in Vienna!

Cafe Ansari

Another place that I discovered by luck because it was very close to my flat, is Cafe Ansari. It is not only great for brunch but also for lunch or dinner. The interior is exquisite, creating a slightly fancy, yet very comfortable atmosphere. Their cuisine is a mix of Georgian, Mediterranean and other international cuisines, offering a range of breakfast options from each cuisine. If you are a little too late for breakfast, they also have a daily chaging menu with some great options, as well as a standard menu.

The Lala

Last but not least, the Lala is also a great place in Vienna. With its unique pink decor, it’s not only super cute, but it is also completely plant-based! They serve breakfast bowls such as porridge, a variety of toast, smoothies, salads, you name it! It might not appeal to all people; however, for me, it is a place that could not be excluded from this list. You can find their menu here.

Places I have yet to try

Of course there were still some places that I didn’t get to try during my time in Vienna, and that I have kept on my list to try next time I’m there.

  • One of them is Café & Restaurant Motto am Fluss, a cafe right by the river, with great views over the water. This is probably one of the more fancy restaurants that offer a great breakfast and brunch. The views are definitely worth it!
  • Ströck-Feierabend, part of one of the bakery chains in Vienna, also offers a great breakfast/brunch. I never made it here but it was recommended by most of my Austrian friends!
  • Klyo was also recommended by my Austrian friends. It also sits just next to the river, close to the city centre and offers all-day breakfast.
  • The Daniel Bakery at Hotel Daniel Vienna. I actually did go here one time for a networking event organised by my master’s degree, but I’ve put it on the yet to try list because I’d love to go back and try it again by myself. What I liked most about this restaurant is that it is a buffet-style breakfast with additional dishes that you can ask the cooks to make in front of you. It is also right next to the Belvedere Palace, so a great spot to start your day if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing!

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